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Urvashi Beauty Parlor and Big Blue Salon
Hair spa: specific combination of products for every hair type and scalp condition for benefits of massage and deep conditioning.
Duration:45 minutes. L'oreal-1200 onwards, Wella SP- 1600 onwards

Face cleanup: treatment for acne, blackheads and whiteheads recommended once in 15 days for youngsters on a regular basis. Only cleansing, steaming, cleanup and mask is included , massage with cream is not done as it is contraindicated.
Duration:30 minutes
. Regular-600, Shahnaz-1000, Visage O3+ -1000

Facial: Regularly done every 3 weeks for young and old alike helps face glow with health and youth. It Involves cleansing, scrub, massage, mask and toning.
Duration:1hour. Richfeel-1100, Lotus-1500, Shahnaz-2000, Visage O3+ -2600

Veg Peel: Vegetal enzyme based scrub to remove dead cell buildup on skin, helps to remove minor blemishes exposing fresh skin. It does not affect facial hair like bleach and can  be repeated every week. Done before a facial or cleanup helps enhance glow, helps remove whiteheads and allows treatments to penetrate the skin. cost-Face+neck & back-1000

Bleach/ Detan: Done once every 3 weeks makes face & body hair invisible. Before a facial it helps the products to enter skin by removing superficial dead cells. Makes makeup last longer .

Waxing: Superfluous hair can be removed with different types of wax: Regular sugar wax, Flavored wax, Katori wax etc.

Body polishing: refresh your skin before that special occasion with full body bleach and scrub for that special glow. Prebridal treatment for brides to be.
Duration:1 hour. Cost 3500.

Body massage: Different typesof body massages ie Swedish, Aroma, Hot-stone, Potli etc for relaxing rejuvenation and refreshing yourself.
Duration:45 minutes. Cost: 3000 onwards.

Head Massage: For treating hair loss the scalp is massaged with medicinal oil followed with a scalp mask and steam.
Duration:45 minutes. Cost: 600+ shampoo charges extra.

Pedicure/ Manicure: Thorough cleaning and scraping , scrub and massage followed by nail care. Done on a regular basis keeps you confident and smart .
Duration: Regular Manicure-600, Regular Pedicure-800, Spa Manicure-900, Spa Pedicure-1300

Hair Straightening/ Rebonding: A chemical procedure to make frizzy unmanageable or very curly hair straight and smooth. A proper consultation is advised before undergoing this procedure because it is expensive, time consuming and requires post-care.
Duration:4 -5 hours. Cost: 6500 onwards.

Dandruff treatment: Regular treatments for 6 weeks along with home-care to eliminate dandruff. Duration:45 minutes. Cost: 420 onwards.

Makeup, Hairstyle & Saree Draping- Rs 6000/-, Waiting Charges- Rs 600/- per hour.
Urvashi Beauty Parlour (Only for Ladies)
1221/B3 Pushpak
Wrangler Paranjape Road
Shivajinagar Pune 411004
Mob.: 9527160808, 9226329735
Landline: 020 - 25535657,
020 - 25511626
Big Blue Salon
(Only Ladies - 3rd floor)
1228 A 3rd Floor Landsquare
FC Road Shivajinagar
Pune 411004
Mob.: 9850956712
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